Are the torque setting adjustable?

No. The torque is preset and is not adjustable. The torque of each size is set to the industrial standard used by all the carbide manufacturers worldwide.

How and when to calibrate the torque adapter?

There is no need to calibrate the torque adapter. The tool life cycle is 20,000 times of operations. Once reaching the limit, please replace the torque adapter.

Are the torques required by the Torx/Torx Plus screws the same across all the carbide manufacturers?

Yes. They are the same across all the carbide manufacturers. Please contact us in the case that non-standard torques are needed. We also custom made and stock some of the non-standard torque adapters for your specific needs.

What is the torque range that SLOKY provides?

SLOKY provides the torque range up to 70.8 In-lbs, which equals to 8.0 Nm. There are two (2) dimensions of torque adapters that SLOKY created. The common one is used for 0.9-53.1 In-lbs (0.1-6.0 Nm) and the bigger one (twice the diameter) is used for 54.0-70.8 In-lbs (6.1-8.0 Nm). If more than 70.8 In-lbs (8.0 Nm) is needed, please contact us for details.